Merger & Acquisition Law

Merger & Acquisition Law

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Merger & Acquisition Law

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Merger and Acquisition (M & A) are two unique terms. They are mostly misunderstood, especially in the business world. These terms are used when two companies determine to join together.

A merger is referred when two separate entities join to form a new venture. While an acquisition is expansion of a company reach to gain market share. For both the purposes, there is Merger and Acquisition Law. An M & A lawyer guides you efficiently in due negotiation, draft & documentation and financing. Legally a merger requires two companies to consolidate into a new entity with a new ownership and management structure. It does not require cash to complete the process. Instead it dilutes individual power of a company. When this happens, the stocks of both companies are surrendered. And new stocks are issued under the name of new business entity. Legitimately in case of acquisition, a new company does not emerge. In its place, the smaller firm is often consumed. Acquisition is sometimes called Takeover. Your company takes over all the operational management decisions of another company. It ceases to exist with its assets and those assets become part of the larger company.

More than 63,413 mergers and acquisitions transactions have been announced since 1985. The power and energy industries are largely engaged in the merger and acquisition processes. The provinces of Canada primarily conduct the securities regulation in the country. No federal or national securities commission is there in this takeover bid rule. While matters such as foreign ownership and competition are regulated by the federal government.

Securities regulators select and review take-over bids for compliance with applicable laws. There are plans of arrangement requiring preliminary court approval. The legal approval deals with the aspect of transaction procedure i.e. sending proxy materials and calling the shareholders’ meeting.

And then the final court approval comes in to play. This process is a hearing on reasonable transaction after approval of the shareholders. Government officials rarely involve in plans of arrangement for administration of corporation.

Several law firms are there giving legal services on contested public company transactions and other acquisitions of privately-owned businesses. The merger and acquisition lawyers of these legal firms utilise their expertise and creativity to rationally achieve goals of their clients. They work with clients to help them present transactions that best preserve and leverage the critical business issues legally. If you need a legal team of experts, M & A lawyers are available here for your tricky business deals.

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