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    Trusted Family Lawyer in Mississauga

    Are you looking for a family lawyer in Mississauga? Do you know someone who needs a family lawyer to help with their divorce or asset division?

    If you or someone you love is going through a divorce, they may need to contact a lawyer to get the proper representation they need. Choosing the right lawyer can be a tough decision, especially when you are already stressed about the divorce and that next phase in your life.

    If you are looking for a family lawyer in Mississauga, you will want to continue reading. We will go over how to find the right lawyer and who you can contact today to get help.


    How to Find a Good family Lawyer in Mississauga

    When you are looking for a lawyer during this difficult time, you will want to make sure that they best suit your needs. You are going to want to look for someone who has the highest degree of professionalism and expertise.

    Check Reviews

    Asking your friends and family for recommendations is a great start when you are looking to hire a family lawyer in Mississauga. If you find an attorney online, make sure that you are reading online reviews about their practice. Online reviews will help you gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the lawyer.

    Are they quick to respond? What is their success rate? How are they with their clients? Those are all great questions you will want to ask yourself when reading those reviews.


    You have several options for lawyers when you are trying to find the one that will help you best. It is essential to make sure that you pick a lawyer who has family law experience.

    Not all lawyers practice family law; some others specialize in other areas such as personal injury or criminal cases. Make sure you hire a lawyer who has experience in child custody and divorce. Those lawyers will be able to help you and your situation best.


    Look for Warning Signs

    Unfortunately, not all lawyers are the same, and some practice unethical behavior. If you are unsure if the lawyer you are looking to hire is acting unethically, that should be your first red flag.

    Other warning signs to look for are:

    • Unresponsive and distracted with other calls

    • Poor reputation

    • No personal connection

    • Sharing confidential information from other clients

    • Aggressiveness

    • Laziness

    • Makes bold promises

    All these listed warning signs are definitely to be avoided at all costs when trying to pick out a lawyer for your case. Make sure you are cautious about any red flags that make you feel uncomfortable.

    Reasonable Fees

    Family lawyers can be expensive to hire, so you will want to start comparing lawyer fees. You will not want to opt for a cheaper lawyer because they may not be able to yield the desired results you want.

    They also may not have the required expertise to help you and your case. Naturally, attorneys who have higher fees are usually the ones who are efficient at their jobs.

    When you are looking to hire an attorney, it is always best to base your decision on their dedication, level of expertise, and professionalism. The price tag is absolutely important, but you should always consult with the lawyer first before making a final decision.



    A great lawyer is highly attentive to the needs of their clients. You want your family lawyer to be easily reached and who can provide prompt feedback. It is also essential to look for a lawyer who explains what is going on in simple terms.

    A lawyer who uses too much legal jargon can leave you clueless about what is going on. You also want to have your lawyer local to where you are.

    Child Custody Lawyers


    If your case involves children, you will want to hire a lawyer who has experience in child custody. When deciding on custody, the court's priority is to protect the children's best interest involved in the situation. This includes the child's right to live in a safe, stable, secure, and loving environment.

    Child custody decisions include:

    • Decisions related to the child's education

    • Decisions related to the child's moral training

    • Decisions related to the child's general welfare

    There is also a decision related to specific accesses that the noncustodial parent has. Access refers to the specific amount of time a noncustodial parent will spend with their children.

    It also includes their rights to stay informed about the child's health, welfare, and education. The noncustodial parent does not have decision-making authority.

    Sole vs. Joint Custody

    Sole custody refers to when one parent is awarded the right and responsibility to make all the decisions for the child. Joint custody refers to when both parents equally share the rights and responsibilities for making decisions.

    Child Support

    Child support refers to the money that one parent must pay to the other parent to cover basic expenses associated with raising their children after a divorce. Child support can also cover the cost of childcare and healthcare.

    Other costs covered through child support are:

    • The cost of their education

    • The prices of extracurricular activities

    • The cost of dental care

    These special costs are typically divided between both parents based on their incomes. Who pays the child support is determined by the time that the child lives with the parent. If the child lives with one parent at least 60% of the time, that parent is entitled to receive child support.

    How Can a Family Lawyer in Mississauga Help You?

    Aside from helping with child custody agreements, a lawyer in Brampton can also help you in property division cases. Property and asset division refers to the division of property obtained during the marriage.

    Assets that are considered during the divorce are:






    Stocks and bonds


    Real estate




    Pension plans

    When separating assets, especially the matrimonial house, tensions can arise, and conflicts can ensue. Make sure that you speak with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer to understand how all assets are divided fully.

    When Should You Hire a Family Lawyer in Mississauga?

    If you and your partner have already decided to file for a divorce, you will need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. It may sound better to save money and handle your case alone, but that isn't ideal, especially if your case is complicated.

    Does Your Ex Have a Lawyer?

    If your ex has already hired a lawyer, then it may be time for you to consider hiring your own lawyer. Retaining a lawyer to represent your side can help you get the results that you desire.

    Family Law Confusion

    Handling child custody cases on your own requires a large amount of research and planning. Attorneys know the ins and outs of the entire court process, and they can take care of mediations on your behalf.

    Attorneys also have the proper training to fill out petitions and to attend hearings on your behalf. They also take on the responsibility for your paperwork, court dates, and deadlines.

    Your Children Are in Danger

    If you are dealing with a violent ex-partner and you believe your children are in immediate danger, you need to call local authorities right away.

    It would be best to consider obtaining a restraining order against your ex to further protect you and your children in situations where there are domestic violence or child abuse warrants for qualified legal representation. Your lawyer will evaluate your case and see about getting you sole custody in this situation.

    You Can't See Your Children

    Handling child custody cases on your own requires a large amount of research and planning. Attorneys know the ins and outs of the entire court process, and they can take care of mediations on your behalf.

    Attorneys also have the proper training to fill out petitions and to attend hearings on your behalf. They also take on the responsibility for your paperwork, court dates, and deadlines.


    Family Lawyer in Mississauga

    Having the proper representation for your circumstance is extremely important if you want to win your case. Going through a divorce is already stressful and exhausting, so you will want someone who understands what you need.

    Here at Minhas Lawyers, we believe that you deserve the best family lawyer in Mississauga. We are skilled in family law, and we will do our best to make sure you receive what you deserve, and we offer reasonable lawyer fees. If you are looking for Mississauga family law services, contact us now.


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    Surinder Pawar

    Had a great experience working with Mr. Minhas
    I did my spousal sponsorship through there law firm and his professionalism expertise was amazing an excellent law firm. Many thanks to them, who assisted us. Very professional. Outstanding service. I strongly recommend using their expertise.

    Surinder Pawar

    Google Review

    Michael Moore

    Manpreet Minhas, Rupinder Minhas, and their team were extremely professional and provided great guidance through my entire transaction/matter. They were always very informative and very prompt to reply. Truly felt they had my best interest throughout the entire matter. Would strongly recommend Minhas Lawyers to anyone.

    Michael Moore

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    Jitesh Tandan

    Rupinder Minhas is very professional and knowledgeable but more than that he is a very honest person. He handled my estate matter very professionally. I recommend his services.

    Jitesh Tandan

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    Gurdev Gill

    Minhas Lawyers are very professional and hold very high standards. This is my 5th year with them. They have helped me in Real Estate, Will and Estate, and immigration matters. Recently they have worked on our family estate matter and we are extremely happy from their services. Top Lawyers. Highly recommend.

    Gurdev Gill

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    Roopa Dittakavi

    Manpreet Minhas and his team are very Knowledgeable, Professional and result oriented. Had a very positive experience on a real estate dealing with Mr. Minhas and his team who are focused on details and positive experience for clients. Will definitely use service if needed in future. Thanks and best wishes.

    Roopa Dittakavi

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    Arshdeep Rayat

    Very, very professional services. Mr. Manpreet Minhas handled my immigration matter very professionally. Their fees are very reasonable. One of the best lawyers…A++++.

    Arshdeep Rayat

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