Buying a home

Minhas Lawyers review the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and all related documents

We conduct the title searches as per the terms of the Agreement

We arrange for title insurance

We ensure property taxes are up to date

We communicate with your mortgage lenders

We calculate the closing costs

We make sure all financial and legal conditions are met as per the terms of the Agreement

We exchange all the legal and financial documents with other party lawyers

We close the transaction

Final reporting to you

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    Personal Assets

    Agreement of Purchase and Sale

    Either you or your real estate company sends us the Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS). We request complete APS, including all schedules, waivers, amendments, and notice of fulfilments of conditions. We ask you to gather all these documents. Your real estate company must have all these documents. We review the APS. We discuss the essential terms and dates with you. We consult with you whether you want the title to register as joint tenants or tenants in common.

    Title Searches

    Our next step is to conduct title-related searches. After searches, we prepare our letter of requisitions based on our title searches and essential terms of APS. We send our letter of requisitions to the seller's lawyer. Our office does follow up with the seller's lawyer and ensures that all conditions are met. We ensure that all requisitions are addressed by the seller's lawyer properly.

    Title Insurance

    Title Insurance is mandatory as per mortgage instructions. Lenders refuse to fund the purchase transactions if a valid title insurance policy is not secured as per their mortgage instructions. Our office arranges for the title insurance policy. We review the policy and finalize the policy as per your and the lender's instructions.

    Property Taxes

    Our office requests the seller's lawyer for the current property tax bill. We order the up-to-date tax certificate from the city, if required, to ensure the seller has paid the property taxes and water bills. If the seller has not paid the property taxes per their share, we ask the seller's lawyer to amend the statement of adjustments accordingly.


    Mortgage Lenders

    Banks and private lending institutes can be your mortgage lenders. Our office receives mortgage instructions from your lending institute.We review the instructions. Our office ensures that all mortgage documents are prepared as per the lender's instructions. We communicate with your mortgage company and lender to ensure all the conditions are fulfilled before funding. We receive mortgage funds from your bank. Minhas Lawyers also provide a mortgage payment calculator for your information only.

    Closing costs

    Closing costs include land transfer tax, our legal fees and disbursements, final property tax adjustments, if any, title insurance cost, title transfer registration cost, and mortgage charge registration costs. The first-time buyer in Ontario gets a land transfer tax rebate. Foreign buyer pays non-resident speculation tax in Ontario. We calculate the land transfer tax for you. Our office deducts and sends the final land transfer tax amount to Ontario government on your behalf.

    We charge very fair and reasonable legal fees and disbursements. Disbursements include any bank charges, courier charges, photocopy charges, software charges, title search charges, write search charges, e reg charges etc.

    Sometimes the seller has paid more property taxes to the city than their required share. Buyer pays the extra property taxes to the seller as per their respective shares on closing if needed. As we mentioned above, a title insurance policy is mandatory by mortgage lenders, and the buyer pays the cost of title insurance to the title insurance company. The buyer pays for the title transfer registration cost. The buyer is also responsible for mortgage charge registration costs on the title if any mortgage is involved in the transaction.

    Exchange of documents with seller's lawyer

    Our office receives all the signed documents from the seller's lawyer as per our letter of requisitions. We ensure all legal documents are completed and signed by the seller and their lawyer. Suppose there is any lien or mortgage registered on the seller's property. In that case, we ask for the seller's lawyer's personal undertaking to pay and provide the registered discharge document within a reasonable period after the closing. We ensure that the seller meets all conditions and requirements as per the terms of the APS. We exchange the documents with the seller's lawyer. They send us the vendor's signed documents and undertakings, and we send them our signed copies. Direction regarding title and undertaking to readjust. We send them the final funds, and they send us the keys to the property. Once we exchange the documents, keys and funds, we register the transfer of the title. We register the mortgage charge on the title if the buyer is securing a mortgage. We inform you to come and pick up the keys to the property. We close the transaction. We send the letter to the city requesting them to change the home owner's names on the property tax account and other accounts if applicable. We assist you in transferring the utility accounts to your name.

    Final reporting to you

    Our office prepares the final reporting package for you. Our final reporting package includes our final reporting letter advising the title, mortgagee information, copies of title transfer and charge registration documents, the final statement of adjustments, our trust account ledger, title insurance policy, and other related documents.

    Minhas Lawyers have extensive experience in real estate transactions. Contact us for more information.


    Google Review

    Surinder Pawar

    Had a great experience working with Mr. Minhas
    I did my spousal sponsorship through there law firm and his professionalism expertise was amazing an excellent law firm. Many thanks to them, who assisted us. Very professional. Outstanding service. I strongly recommend using their expertise.

    Surinder Pawar

    Google Review

    Michael Moore

    Manpreet Minhas, Rupinder Minhas, and their team were extremely professional and provided great guidance through my entire transaction/matter. They were always very informative and very prompt to reply. Truly felt they had my best interest throughout the entire matter. Would strongly recommend Minhas Lawyers to anyone.

    Michael Moore

    Google Review

    Jitesh Tandan

    Rupinder Minhas is very professional and knowledgeable but more than that he is a very honest person. He handled my estate matter very professionally. I recommend his services.

    Jitesh Tandan

    Google Review

    Gurdev Gill

    Minhas Lawyers are very professional and hold very high standards. This is my 5th year with them. They have helped me in Real Estate, Will and Estate, and immigration matters. Recently they have worked on our family estate matter and we are extremely happy from their services. Top Lawyers. Highly recommend.

    Gurdev Gill

    Google Review

    Roopa Dittakavi

    Manpreet Minhas and his team are very Knowledgeable, Professional and result oriented. Had a very positive experience on a real estate dealing with Mr. Minhas and his team who are focused on details and positive experience for clients. Will definitely use service if needed in future. Thanks and best wishes.

    Roopa Dittakavi

    Google Review

    Arshdeep Rayat

    Very, very professional services. Mr. Manpreet Minhas handled my immigration matter very professionally. Their fees are very reasonable. One of the best lawyers…A++++.

    Arshdeep Rayat

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