Family Law

Prepare marriage and separation agreements

Ensure adoption process is handled correctly to avoid legal issues and delays

Settle matters concerning child custody and access

Oversee issues related to guardianship

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    Family Law

    Family Law

    Family law is an area of legal practice that focuses primarily on issues that involve family relationships. This kind of law can include issues like divorce, adoption, child custody, and so on. Lawyers who practice this area of law can sometimes represent whole families – in issues like adoption – or may only represent a single person – like in a divorce proceeding.

    Some family lawyers can help in more specialized areas like questions of paternity, prenuptial agreements, emancipation, child protection proceedings, sales of family property and more.

    One of the most common reasons, currently, to hire a family lawyer is for help with a divorce or separation, and other issues related to this like child custody agreements or sale of matrimonial property.

    During a divorce, your lawyer will help you navigate through a settlement plan that is agreeable for both sides. They will also help you determine how best to divide any joint property, if any spousal support needs to be paid, and how to approach a custody agreement if there are children under the age of 18 involved.

    When it comes to other issues, like adoption and paternity cases, a family lawyer will ensure you know and understand all your rights and where you need legal representation.

    While all areas of the law can be complicated and emotionally trying, family law is usually especially hard on all those involved. Since these matters can leave people fighting legal battles against their loved ones, they can become very complex very quickly. For this reason, finding a lawyer you trust to make sure your best interests are truly represented is very important.


    We provide services in all areas of family law including divorce, child and spousal support, custody and access. We work hard to resolve your matters and provide closure once and for all.

    We deal with various aspects of family and divorce law, including the following:


    Contested Divorce & Uncontested Divorce

    Child Support

    Spousal Support

    Equalization of Net Family Property

    Sale and purchase of family property

    Exclusive possession – matrimonial home

    Cohabitation contract or agreement

    Marriage contract or agreement

    Prenuptial agreement

    Court appearance and representation


    Child Custody/Access – Sole, Joint, Shared

    Child Protection Proceeding

    Division of Property

    Sale of Matrimonial Home

    Contents of the matrimonial home


    Separation agreement

    Paternity related matter

    Family court litigation

    Independent Legal Advice

    Why work with us?

    This is a stressful time for you, we know. Whether you’re going through a divorce, trying to finalize an adoption or are seeking child support in a paternity case is complex and emotionally trying.

    No matter the case you’re going through, each issue will bring with it a multitude of questions that you need an answer to. While you navigate through these unknown times, it’s crucial you have legal support and representation that you can count on and that you know will have your best interests in mind.

    As a family lawyer in Mississauga, we are focused on getting you through this process while doing our best to lessen the emotional strain and financial stress that you will undoubtedly be facing.

    Family Law
    Family Law

    When it comes to divorce lawyers in Mississauga and Brampton, we are well regarded by our past clients, court officials and other legal professionals. We have built a fantastic reputation in our community for representing our clients in the most professional way possible.

    Our ultimate goal is to help you by providing you with sound, correct legal counsel while handling it with the sensitivity and understanding required in this area.

    No matter how complex your family law case is, we will provide you with professional legal counsel and give you the strongest representation to get you the best results. We’ll guide you through this, answer your questions and support your best interests.

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    Surinder Pawar

    Had a great experience working with Mr. Minhas
    I did my spousal sponsorship through there law firm and his professionalism expertise was amazing an excellent law firm. Many thanks to them, who assisted us. Very professional. Outstanding service. I strongly recommend using their expertise.

    Surinder Pawar

    Google Review

    Michael Moore

    Manpreet Minhas, Rupinder Minhas, and their team were extremely professional and provided great guidance through my entire transaction/matter. They were always very informative and very prompt to reply. Truly felt they had my best interest throughout the entire matter. Would strongly recommend Minhas Lawyers to anyone.

    Michael Moore

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    Jitesh Tandan

    Rupinder Minhas is very professional and knowledgeable but more than that he is a very honest person. He handled my estate matter very professionally. I recommend his services.

    Jitesh Tandan

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    Gurdev Gill

    Minhas Lawyers are very professional and hold very high standards. This is my 5th year with them. They have helped me in Real Estate, Will and Estate, and immigration matters. Recently they have worked on our family estate matter and we are extremely happy from their services. Top Lawyers. Highly recommend.

    Gurdev Gill

    Google Review

    Roopa Dittakavi

    Manpreet Minhas and his team are very Knowledgeable, Professional and result oriented. Had a very positive experience on a real estate dealing with Mr. Minhas and his team who are focused on details and positive experience for clients. Will definitely use service if needed in future. Thanks and best wishes.

    Roopa Dittakavi

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    Arshdeep Rayat

    Very, very professional services. Mr. Manpreet Minhas handled my immigration matter very professionally. Their fees are very reasonable. One of the best lawyers…A++++.

    Arshdeep Rayat

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