An affidavit is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation, often used as evidence in court. We as a notary public or Commissioner of Oaths can administer your oath or affirmation.

We have the powers of a Commissioner for taking affidavit and can verify that your signatures, marks and copies of documents are true or genuine.

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    Notary Public Mississauga

    Notary Public

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    Notary Public A Notary Public (or Public Notary or the Commissioner for Oaths or simply Notary,) is a person who legally serves as a witness on non-contentious matters often related to deeds, estates, powers of attorney etc. S/he witnesses to the execution of contracts, agreements and several other legal documents. A notary provides guarantee that a particular person signed the document in his/her presence.

    A notary public (NP) is different in different provinces and territories of Canada. A notary gets the legal authority to solemn oaths, administer oaths and declarations. They are used for statutory, affidavits and declarations. Check with the provincial guidelines for the most up-to-date information.

    Need help with Notary Document?

    Minhas Lawyer’s highly capable and devoted notaries has years of experience with all aspects of legal services.

    Some of our notary public services include:

    Certified True Copies of Original Documents

    Marriage Certificates


    Death Certificates

    Diploma & Degrees

    Birth Certificates


    Commissioning Oaths and Affidavits

    Insurance Claims & Stolen Vehicles

    Transfer Ownership of Vehicles


    Divorce, Separation, Custody or Cohabitation Agreements

    Consent to travel letters for children traveling abroad

    Form 6B Affidavit of Service.

    Affidavits of Divorce (Form 36)

    Common Law Relationship

    Contracts, Agreements, Leases, Promissory Notes and Waivers

    Mortgage documents for sale or purchase of properties within or outside of Canada

    Name Change

    OSAP Applications, Sole Support & Marital Status

    Photographs and ID documents for Passports and Permanent Resident Cards

    Letter of invitation for visitors to Canada

    Parental Affidavits

    In many cases, a notary public drafts Wills, Mortgages, Contracts, Promissory notes and other legal documents. Any documents certified with a protocol (recorded in a register) by notaries are authorised with the notary’s stamp or seal.

    Together with the role of confirming signatures, marks and copies of documents (such as Wills and Powers of Attorneys) as being true or sincere, our notary public lawyers also have all the powers of a Commissioner for taking affidavits. An affidavit is a written testimonial or statement of facts that are affirmed or stated to be true. A Commissioner for taking affidavits might take affidavits as well as manage other oaths, assertions or declarations inside or outside of Ontario, or subject to any limit placed upon them by the Attorney General.

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    We offer unique notarisation services for documents designated for use in Mississauga. These services are offered by expert lawyers who are licensed. Minhas Lawyer’s highly capable and devoted notaries has years of experience with all aspects of legal services. At Minhas Lawyers, we can manage all your legal services needs with just one phone call. A fully qualified notary will attend to your legalisation needs. We offer our clients quick services that will save their time and money.

    Notary Public

    How our Notary Public Help You

    Our Notaries are now here for you to confirm the integrity of all your documents, from contracts, memorandums, and statements, to power of attorneys and judicial notices.

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