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Experienced Criminal Lawyer Mississauga

Minhas Lawyers offer a wide variety of criminal law services which include advising on domestic assaults and violence offences, impaired driving offences and property offences such as, thefts, fraud, and mischief. We also provide legal services for fail to comply with recognisance, and fail to attend court.

Our Mississauga criminal defence team comprises of expert DAs. This exceptional experience gives us the advantage in understanding the approaches prosecutors use and how to attack and protect against them. Our Mississauga criminal attorneys have tenable releases in different criminal cases, which range from minor offenses and DUIs to severe felonies. No matter how simple or intricate the case, Minhas Lawyers offer the knowledge, track record and aspiration which yield outcomes. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Mississauga criminal defence attorneys and let us start fighting for you.

Over 12 years we have built a reputation for providing best representation to clients in Mississauga. Choosing to deliver bespoke advice to individuals and businesses who demand excellence at every level, we have established a firm of devoted lawyers and with the best criminal law attorneys.

Our criminal lawyers in Mississauga will work on cases from start to the end. It includes filing the case; investigation; visiting police stations and prisons; taking eyewitness declarations; testing medical reports; coordinating with court personnel, police and probation officers; filing pleas and motions. We violently support the interest of our clients and always struggle to classify a position of benefit to maximise the chances of success. For all of us at Minhas Lawyers, it is never ‘just another case’ since we know it is a person’s life, liberty, reputation, living or family life that we are protecting. We endure our obligation to deliver representation on legal help for many cases of complexity or specific legal difficulty.

The case begins and ends with you and every phase of our work is designed to keep you at the centre. At Minhas Lawyers we offer a highly personalised service, a creative and dynamic approach and the willpower to achieve the best results possible.

Finding the right criminal lawyer in Mississauga is vital to ensure you are guaranteed the top legal defence. Our team is highly qualified, with exceptional knowledge in criminal law. We are dedicated to providing outstanding client care and have a name for accomplishing the best outcomes for our clients. Contact us today and speak directly to our criminal attorneys who will provide you with a free, no-obligation telephone consultation.

Minhas Lawyers can help you at all levels of courst, including the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Superior and Ontario Courts of Justice and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our criminal lawyers have expertise in defending allegations of fraud and white-collar crime, domestic assault, sexual assault, homicide and driving related offences, including impaired driving (DUI) and over 80.

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Rupinder Minhas

B.Tech., LL.B (HONS) | Barrister & Solicitor
(905) 671-9244

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