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Power of Attorney Mississauga

Power of Attorney or Letter of Attorney is a legal document which authorises a person to act on behalf of another person in business, private affair or several other legal matters. The person who is authorising is called the Principal, grantor or donor of the power, while the person is being authorised is called the agent or attorney. So, it is imperative to understand the laws where you live before you take any decisions because each province and territory has specific law.

People in Canada are concerned with fast changing life about the managing of their finance, money and property. And that is why they are planning well in advance for managing their legal affairs.

Generally, there are two types of powers of attorney in Canada i.e. A General Power of Attorney Power and An Enduring or Continuing Power of Attorney. While in Ontario, there are three types of powers of Attorney i.e. Power of Attorney for personal care, A non-continuing power of attorney for property and A continuing power of attorney for property.

Minhas Lawyers offers a variety of notary services, comprising notarising documents, commissioning affidavits, commissioning statutory declarations, and legalization and authentication of documents. Our experienced lawyers offer POA’s and notary public services in Mississauga. POA is a deed which is signed by one individual (known as ‘donor’) giving other individual (usually named as ‘donee‘ or the ‘attorney‘) authority to sign documents on the giver’s behalf and to do things in relation to his or her matters as are labelled specially (a limited power) or usually (a general power) in the document. If, for example, you are purchasing, selling or mortgaging property in an overseas country, it might be suitable for you to give a Power of Attorney to an individual in that country.

As an experienced POA’s and notary public in Mississauga, we help customers with documents offered for other counties. One common document is the deed recognised as POA, which is a significant deed in most of the states– though it might be known by different names. Basically a power of attorney is a written power which you give to someone else to empower them to do certain things on your behalf. Generally, if you own possessions in Mississauga, it is important to employ someone to deal with that properties on your behalf, you would need to employ that individual as your lawyer over a power of attorney. Our lawyers are expert in POA’s and Notary Publics who specialize in executing your legal documents for you. We also offer a registered address for service for corporations and law firms.

The experienced lawyers at the law firm of Minhas Laywers, work closely with our clients to draft these documents with all relevant considerations in mind. When and if the time comes, we assist loved ones with administration, helping them to carry out their duties and advising them where necessary.

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