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    According to Statistics Canada, more than 2.2 million children age 15 or under had at least one foreign-born parent. As the population with immigrant backgrounds grows, so too will their desire to spend time with their parents and grandparents.

    Fortunately, Canada Immigration operates a system to help these families stay together. Families can stay together longer and easier with the super visa.

    Do you have foreign-born parents or grandparents? Are you wondering about super visa income requirements? Keep reading to get a better sense of the program and its advantages.


    What Is the Super Visa?

    This program issues a super visa to permanent resident and citizen family members. Only a parent or grandparent can receive a super visa. Unlike a visitor visa, which allows a six-month stay, a super visa allows two-year stays.

    In addition to allowing longer stays, the super visa allows more visits. Multiple entries can occur as long as each visit lasts no more than two years. It does not allow for permanent residency, and applicants for permanent residency must do so through family sponsorship program.

    The child or grandchild must meet minimum income requirements. Immigration Canada makes these requirements available on its website.

    Super Visa Requirements

    Parents and grandparents must go through a few steps before receiving a super visa. The child or grandchild must send a letter that includes a promise of financial support. It should also have a list of people in the household and a copy of their citizenship or permanent resident document.

    Super visa recipients also need medical insurance from a Canadian company. These policies need at least $100,000 in coverage, at least one year of coverage, and proof of payment. Recipients will also need an immigration medical exam.

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    Super Visa Restrictions

    You might be wondering, "Can you work on super visa in Canada?" or "Can you go to school on super visa in Canada"? You can, but you must apply for work or study permits separately.

    If you're confused by the work and study permit requirements, try searching for "immigration lawyer near me." An immigration lawyer will have the experience needed to navigate the permit system for you or your family member.

    COVID-19 Restrictions

    You might wonder about the intersection of the Super Visa, Canada, and the COVID-19 pandemic. This disease introduced a lot of uncertainty into the immigration process.

    Super visa travelers can often enter Canada, though the specific situation can change that. Canada does not universally require full vaccination before entry, but it does speed up the process.

    Get Started Now

    Even without COVID-19 to account for, the super visa process takes time and effort. Getting necessary documents together and submitting them can take a while and getting approved can take a few weeks too. Some countries take longer to process than others, and some must deal with additional COVID-19 travel restrictions.

    If you're interested in coming to Canada or you're a Canadian citizen with a foreign-born parent or grandparent, get in contact with our team today. If you're looking for the best Mississauga and Brampton immigration lawyer, look no further.

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