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Civil litigation is a process where two, or more, parties are in discussion over financial assets or property issues. These issues can be varied, so navigating Civil litigation can be very difficult unless you have a legal professional to help you. Lawyers in this area of law can support and guide you to make your case strong and obtain a better, more desirable settlement. Minhas Lawyers are committed to professionally taking care of your legal situation.

What does a Civil Litigation Lawyer do?

Civil litigation lawyers are involved in all areas of the litigation process, from investigations to pleadings and discovery to pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeals. Civil litigation is used to handle disputes between individuals and organizations. Lawyers who deal with this area of law often handle issues with family issues, employment issues, and personal injury cases.

Civil litigation lawyers will assist with documents and evidence when the case goes to court when help is needed in coming to an agreement. They will review your situation, develop strategies for action and guide you through any document or information you need to take to court.

Areas of Civil Litigation

There are many areas of civil litigation, and below is a short list:

  • Malpractice
  • Divorce
  • Business disputes
  • Real Estate
  • Estate litigation
  • Debt collection
  • Fraud

Why Should You Get a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

A civil litigation lawyer will bring experience and knowledge to every situation. This can help you when you are in the following situations:


When a civil litigation lawyer goes into court with you, the lawyer won’t let emotions get in the way. He or she will negotiate on facts and still be flexible or argue when needed. Lawyers know what to argue for as well, and how to properly negotiate for the best result. 

Court Procedures

A civil litigation lawyer can guide you through courtroom proceedings, understand the rules, and navigate all the protocols. Lawyers can help things run smoothly by knowing when to say something and when to argue if needed.

Personal Injury Cases

In these cases, you will need an experienced lawyer who can offer advice on medical bills, photos of injuries, missed time from work, and emotional strain. A civil litigation lawyer will be able to look over your case and make sure you don’t get sued or taken advantage of. The lawyer will help build a good case. 


Legal paperwork can be very confusing. A lawyer, however, is trained and experienced in dealing with legal documents. A civil litigation lawyer will be able to guide you to submit all paperwork properly and on time. He or she can save you from paying any penalties and make sure nothing gets delayed. Using a lawyer will also save you in court fees.

Civil litigation lawyers:

  • Certified
  • Professionally trained
  • Experienced
  • Focused on you, their client
  • Legally represent you

If you are wondering if a Civil Litigation lawyer would be helpful in your situation, please contact us at Minhas Lawyers LLP. Our experienced and caring team of professionals is dedicated to helping you. Let us discuss your situation today and see what we can do to help. 

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