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Why do you need a divorce lawyer? Is having one necessary? A divorce lawyer, or attorney, can be hired to represent the interests of persons involved in the divorce. Below are just a few reasons many people commonly choose to attain a divorce lawyer.

  • Less Stress for all: A divorce attorney can eliminate stress by completing the formalities required for the divorce. Information is gathered from both parties. From there, the attorney takes care of the rest. Divorce is already a sensitive topic containing enough stress, in which the attorney can help relieve the burden of stress by dealing with the formalities involving obtaining a divorce.  
  • Less Mistakes: A complicated legal system, in which most are unfamiliar with the legal jargon and formalities pertaining to a divorce increases the amount of stress individuals experience during the filing of a divorce procedure. Mistakes such as forgetting an address and over or underestimating assets can draw out proceedings or result in serious financial issues. By obtaining an attorney, you know the filing of the divorce is being handled professionally and the legal issues that may arise are also considered during the process. 
  • Less Delays: Although the documentation used to file is provided by the courts, there may still be issues that arise with the submitted paper work. Mistakes in the filing process, can ultimately lead to further delays with the court delivering a ruling on the case. The attorney with their legal expertise can help diminish any delays during the divorce process. 
  • You are Getting Advice from an Expert: A lawyer who has experience will have the skills needed to get the client what is rightfully deserved during the divorce. Law does not always create a dichotomy of an equal division of assets, and this is where the lawyer can help. If there are complicated issues involved, a divorce lawyer has the legal knowledge to know what you are entitled to and how to obtain it. There may be entitlements that you can legally obtain but you are simply unaware of in your case and a legal attorney can help identify these entitlements. 
  • Clear Statements: An attorney can accurately state what you legally intend to obtain in the legal documents presented to the court. The divorce decree will correctly state your wishes and make a clear and binding agreement.

What Should I look for in a Divorce Lawyer?

Find a divorce lawyer whom is approachable and can offer open- ended communication, helping facilitate the divorce process. Read the reviews, get recommendations, and obtain approximate costs. The lawyer should have some experience in the matter being able to offer you optimal legal advice. Laws are sometimes difficult to understand. The lawyer should be able to explain the legal jargon to you so you are able to better understand it, making an informed decision. Look for a lawyer that you trust and would sufficiently able to handle your legal matter. Choose an assertive and not aggressive lawyer. You do not want anyone to feel antagonized during the divorce, as that will only cause trouble. Assertive lawyers can get a point across in a positive manner, without causing issues.

It is a good idea, even if you do not want to involve a lawyer, to look over your paperwork during a divorce, to make sure your interests and rights are being effectively addressed and sufficiently protected.

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