Family Law Agreements

Family law agreements are affordable options to resolve disputes involving family law. Agreements can be made to suit everyone’s special circumstances and needs. When signing family law papers, you will need what is called a witness when you sign.

The Family Law Act ensures the rights of children and the responsibilities of parents towards their children, are followed so each child can have a relationship with each parent while being safe from harm.

Types of Family Law Agreements

  • Marriage/Cohabitation/Separation/Divorce
  • Child custody/parenting/guardianship/adoption
  • Child and spousal support

Which Documents Will You Need?

Depending on your situation and needs, you will need to understand the Family Law Rules. Family Law Rules are regulations that apply to family law cases in the province of Ontario courts.  These rules are used when interpreting or enforcing contracts in family law.

The Family Law Rules will tell you which documents you will need to serve and to whom. Many times, there is a time frame to having documents served and filed with the court. The rules also outline which forms are to be used for which issue, especially when you need relief from the courts or learning which court deals with a specific issue. These family rules must be followed or you can face legal costs and repercussions.

Family Law Witnesses

Most of the time, you will need a witness when dealing with Family Law.

What is a witness? A witness in family law is sometimes an expert on a subject, but can also be anyone who heard, saw, or has evidence of the situation or crime. Witnesses need to be able to recall what they heard or saw, be able to answer questions and also be able, to tell the truth, and have morals.

What is a Witness Statement?

Witness statements are very important documents. It is a statement that records the testimony of the witness. It is also signed by them.  A witness statement needs to have all the evidence recorded, so the case can be understood by the court.

Do you need Witnesses to sign Family Law Documents?

The simple answer is yes. You will need witnesses and they will need to sign. The documents must be signed in front of the witness. Some forms will need more than one witness. You will have to check to see how many witnesses you will need for your particular topic.

Having a witness, and having the witness sign your family law documents will keep everything in order, as witnesses make sure everything is signed correctly. Witnesses are important to have especially during the court process.

It is vital to have your documents reviewed by a family law lawyer that is familiar with the legal process and how to proceed with the different arrangements.

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