How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You with Your Study Permit in Canada

Canada has many opportunities for international students, however navigating Canada’s immigration system to obtain your study permit can feel complicated and conceptually overwhelming. Working with a skilled immigration lawyer is highly important to ensure that the application process is simplified. 

Eligibility to study in Canada

In order to obtain a permit to study in Canada, prospective international students must demonstrate that: 

  • They have been accepted by a school or other approved educational institution in Canada. 
  • They are able to afford their tuition, living expenses, and return to their country of origin. 
  • They are law-abiding citizens who do not pose a risk to the security of Canada. 
  • They are in good health.
  • They intend to leave Canada once their authorized stay has expired. 


Some international students may be exempt from obtaining a study permit if they meet the following criteria: 

  • Their educational program is less than six months (it may still be advisable to get a study permit in this case). 
  • They are family members or employees of a foreign representative to Canada (accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada). 
  • They belong to a foreign armed force under the Visiting Forces Act. 

Helping international students to work in Canada

Many international students in Canada seek out the opportunity to work during their studies or after graduation. By working with an immigration lawyer, you can determine your eligibility and apply for the necessary work permits. 

Oftentimes, if you have a study permit, you already qualified to work on or off campus without the need to get an additional work permit. But if you completed an internship or co-op is part of your educational program, it will be necessary to obtain a work permit. 

Renewing or extending your study permit

International students who wish to extend their stay in Canada or renew their study permit can also benefit from the help of an immigration lawyer. In this case, their lawyer will help them to gather the necessary documentation and submit their Application to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada. This should be applied for a minimum of 30 days before your current study permit expires so that you will be allowed to stay in Canada until a decision is reached on your application. 

Changing program levels of study

Students who wish to change their study program or field – as well as students who want to change their level of study (e.g. going from a Bachelor’s Program to a Master’s Program) don’t necessarily have to apply for a new study permit, but they will have to modify they one that they have in order to remain a student in Canada. Our lawyers can help them with that process. 

Restoring your study permit

For individuals who have lost their student status, an immigration lawyer may be able to help them restore it if they act within 90 days of the loss of their status. Students may lose their study permit if they fail to meet certain conditions of their permit such as: 

  • Remaining in Canada for longer than the authorized time.
  • Failing to meet the conditions of their work permit. 
  • Changing schools, study programs or levels of education without also applying for those changes under their study permit. 

If you have lost your study permit, you will not be permitted to study in Canada unless your permit is restored, however an immigration lawyer can help you build a strong case in order to get it back. 

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