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If you have been charged with a crime, one of your top priorities should be to hire a professional criminal lawyer who will take on your case and help to ensure that your rights are protected. But how do you go about looking for a criminal lawyer, and how do you know which one is the right one for your case? Here are a few things to consider. 

  • Make sure that they are actually a criminal lawyer

You may have friends and family recommending lawyers that they have worked with and that they like. But is that lawyer actually a criminal lawyer? Criminal law is very different from contract law or estate law. You need to make sure first, that the lawyer you hire specializes in criminal law – that they know how to compile evidence for your case, that they understand how to best protect your rights, and that they have trial experience if that is what is needed. 

  • Does the lawyer make promises?

Another thing to be careful of is lawyers that make promises they may not be able to keep. There are too many variables in a criminal case to make promises that you will win, make bail etc. A good criminal lawyer will help to prepare you for the best – but also the worst case scenario. 

  • They explain their fee upfront

While other types of lawyers may charge an hourly fee or percentage of your settlement and send you a bill when the case is over, a criminal lawyer will typically want a retainer fee which is paid upfront. Make sure that the criminal lawyer that you choose fully explains to you how their fees work. 

  • Accessibility

The criminal lawyer that you choose should be accessible and quickly return calls and emails. When you are facing criminal charges, you want a lawyer who will keep you informed of what is going on. He or she should be easy to reach and willing to give you the information that you need. 

  • Find a lawyer that will accept your case

Lawyers are not required to accept every case that comes their way. In fact, there may be any number of reasons why a criminal lawyer may refuse your case. If this happens, do not take it personally. Move on and find a lawyer who will take your case. 

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