Wondering what you can do to improve your score for the express entry?

Read through and try working on some of the areas to become a stronger applicant.

Improve your ENGLISH

One of the quickest options to increase your points for express entry is to first improve your English skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This could be the easiest step that helps you to get closer to be eligible for Express Entry. A CLB-9 or above score makes your chances stronger and it could help you double your points for your education and work experience. 


Many people do not know that they could give either the IELTS exam or CELPIP, as both are accepted by the Canadian Immigration Board. The basic difference in both these exams is that CELPIP requires candidates to understand and react to everyday situations that a person moving to an English-speaking country may experience. Some parts of IELTS also have this, but not as much as in CELPIP. Also, the CLB points work differently for both the exams, where for IELTS, you need a 7 in writing, speaking, and reading in each category and an 8 in listening, to obtain a CLB-9 score. In contrast, for CELPIP, you need a score of 9 in each category for it to be equivalent to a CLB-9 score.

Do you know FRENCH?

Knowing an extra language, especially French, makes you a stronger candidate and helps you in getting even closer to a better score in your express entry profile. Give your French exam, upload the results, and watch your score rise.

How your EDUCATIONAL qualification helps you

A master’s degree or doctorate not only helps you to fill the gap on the scoreboard, but it also increases your chances to land a good job once you are in Canada. A Canadian education from a designated learning institution can be like a cherry on the cake, and if eligible, gives you those extra points you might be short of.


The younger, the better! We have seen people miss their chance of getting an ITA because of the age factor. After you are 30 years old, you lose 5 points every year.


It is ideal to have work experience that falls under NOC 0, A, or B. The more years of experience you have, the more likely it is to be awarded more points. Having a Canadian work experience or a job offer from a Canadian employer supported by a positive LMIA gives you bonus points. 

SIBLINGS can be an asset

Having a sibling is a blessing, and if they are permanent residents or Canadian citizens, it is even better. They help you get those little extra points you would have been otherwise short of. Aside from all of the good things that Canada has to offer, Canadian immigration always tries to make an effort of reuniting families.

Why Canada?

Many people from around the world want to make Canada their permanent home. The lifestyle this country gives you is a dream that a lot of people have around the world. Express entry is one of the many paths you can take to immigrate to Canada. Perks you get after becoming Permanent Resident:

  • You get a right to live, work, and study in Canada
  • You are covered by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom
  • You have the right to social benefits, health care, CPP, etc.
  • You enjoy almost all of the rights and perks that a Canadian Citizen enjoys
  • Your permanent residency is your path towards becoming a Canadian Citizen

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