The Importance of Obtaining a Business Lawyer

Business law encompasses how to dictate the formation and the operation of a business. This includes the laws that govern how to start, buy, manage, close/ sell any type of business. Business law governs and establishes the rules that all businesses should adhere to. Business law governs commercial firms, partnerships and even non-profit organizations. Seeking advice from a Business legal attorney ensures that disputes and negotiations are taken care of.

What Do Business Lawyers Do?

Business Lawyers play an important role at the point where the business and legal world intersect. A Business lawyer is not only required to understand the legal aspect but must also understand the function of their client’s business. Business Lawyers anticipate the problems that may arise for their clients in regards to matters of the business and work to assist them in circumstances where those situations may arise. For example, if a Business lawyer is acting on behalf of the lender in regards to a lending transaction, the lawyer would draft the necessary documentation for the lending transaction such as the loan agreement, promissory note, security agreement, etc. The primary function of the Business Lawyer would be to keep the interests of the Lender protected, so the borrower is required to pay back the given loan. The Business Lawyer also considers circumstances in situations where the borrower may default on repayment of the loan, providing access to remedies for the lender.

Simply put, Business lawyers assist Business owners with circumstances that may arise in regards to the normative functioning of their business.

Common Circumstances Requiring a Business Lawyer

  • Starting a New Business: Reviewing the purchase agreement and facilitating your decision to the purchase is necessary. Making the wrong decision can be highly costly and can have devasting circumstances for years.
  • Preparing/ Signing Contracts: Aiding you in deciding when to sign contracts with certain parties is important in order to ensure that parties are contractually bound to the agreed-upon terms. These contracts can be designed for typically hiring a new employee or signing a deal with a client.
  • Disputed Contracts/ Breaches to the Contract: Situations where the contracting party is not following the terms of the contract can essentially lead to breaches. Let a Business Lawyer assist you with the remedies for a breach.
  • Mergers/ Acquisitions: Whether you are buying out a competitor or are being acquired by a larger company, obtaining legal advice from a Business lawyer is essential.
  • Resolving Business Issues/ Claims: Regardless of how prepared a business is, issues may still arise in matters of disability, sick leave, discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace safety, etc. Let a Business lawyer educate you in regards to the applicable laws when these circumstances arise.
  • Compliance/ Risk Management: Developing a system that monitors risk management is essential to minimizing the levels of risk.
  • Real Estate & Property: Negotiating sales and leases for purchases of business properties requires the assistance of a Business lawyer.

Some individuals may be reluctant in starting a new business as they are unsure of the levels of risk involved. Do not hesitate to start a new business or seek advice regarding a previous one. Let our Business Professionals assist you every step of the way.

If you have any questions regarding Business matters, requiring a Business Lawyer in Ontario, please do not hesitate to contact Minhas Lawyer TODAY. We know how overwhelming the process can be especially for first-time business owners, that is why we are with you every step of the way. We will with our experience team aid in your transaction process and work together!

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