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Civil cases involve those where one or both parties are trying to get some form of compensation from the other. This differs from criminal cases in which the Crown is bringing a charge against the accused. In civil cases, the Crown is not the prosecutor but rather both parties represent themselves with the help of a civil litigation lawyer

Listed below are some of the most common types of civil cases: 

Contract disputes

Contract disputes happen when there is a disagreement regarding the meaning of a contract or when one or more of the parties that signed the contract becomes unable to fulfill their obligations. Sometimes this happens because the language of the contract is overly vague but it often happens because someone who signed the contract has overextended themselves and does not have the money to pay for a purchase or service. 

Property disputes

Property disputes can come to civil court when one party causes damage to another party’s property. These disputes can also arise over the ownership of the property or where a property line is located. For example, if your neighbour builds a fence which you believe is on your property, this may be a matter for civil litigation if it cannot be handled directly with the neighbour. 

Personal injury cases

These are cases in which one party alleges that the other caused them some form of physical injury or emotional harm. This can be as the result of a number of things including a car accident, a slip and fall on someone else’s property, an injury caused by a defective product, or by the negligence of a doctor or caregiver. 

In these cases, a plaintiff may be able to sue for not only medical expenses but also for lost income and other expenses related to their care as well as pain and suffering. 

Class action cases

A class action case could be almost any type of civil case. What makes these cases unique is that the civil litigation lawyer is representing a group or a class of people that all have the same injury or complain. Class action cases are commonly about defective products or injury caused by the negligence of a company. 

Complaints against the City

Most complaints against the municipality or another level of government are treated as civil cases. These are cases where the plaintiff alleges they were harmed by City policy or law. 

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In addition to the types of civil cases listed, there are numerous others as well. If you believe you have a civil case against another party, you may be entitled to compensation. Give us a call today to book a consultation with one of our civil litigation lawyer that can offer you with legal advice pertaining to your situation.  

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