Vulnerable Workers in Canada

It is possible to get a work permit in Canada if you are a temporary and/or vulnerable foreign worker. You have certain rights as a worker in Canada for a limited amount of time until you can complete the lengthy process of obtaining a work permit. You might believe yourself to be in an impossible situation. The road is long, but your goal is possible in most cases.

Rights of Abused Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

During your time as a temporary employee, you need to be treated with respect and without the fear of being abused. Abuse of refugees and other vulnerable foreign workers in Canada is against the law. A Mississauga immigration lawyer can help you through the necessary steps to obtain a work permit in Canada and apply sanctions to an employer who abuses you or threatens to do so.
Migrant workers are often the victims of abuse at work, but they are not the only ones. If you feel that you or someone you know is in danger of abuse at work, contact a lawyer with experience in work permits for residents who are foreign and/or vulnerable workers. The list of ways you could find yourself being abused is lengthy. It encompasses any kind of physical, sexual, psychological, or financial abuse.
A few of the ways you could be abused and often not realize it is happening include:

  1. Being forced to pay for having a job or having someone look for a job for you.
  2. Being afraid to go to work for fear of some form of abuse.
  3. Being forced to break laws that would cancel any current or future work permit.
  4. Being threatened with possible harm if you tell anyone about your fear of abuse at work.

Open Work Permit for Vulnerable Worker

If your employer is abusing you at work, it would be in your best interest to talk to an immigration lawyer to help you. We can:

  1. Submit your online application to Immigration Canada for an open work permit to prevent you from being abused at work.
  2. Submit our detailed submission letter and letter of explanation detailing the abuse along with the supporting evidence.


Once your application is approved, you may work for any employer.

Processing time

Immigration Canada usually takes 1-2 weeks to process the open work permit applications from vulnerable workers.

Contact us

We have experience in these work permit applications. The process of obtaining an open work permit in Canada for vulnerable foreign workers can be stressful. Please get in touch with our Mississauga immigration lawyers, who have extensive training and knowledge in the rights and laws of temporary foreign workers.

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