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Often, civil litigation is confused with criminal litigation.  Typically a simplified way to describe a civil dispute is if you are in a legal dispute with another party, these disputes can be over property or money that you both feel you are entitled to, and you are seeking a remedy. Although there has not necessarily been any laws broken the case is held either in mediation or in court and a judge or jury makes the decision on which party will be required to pay damages to the other. 

Before your legal dispute ends up escalating on a larger scale, it is important to hire a civil litigation lawyer to address the scope of possibility. The following are some of the reasons why you need to hire a civil litigation lawyer: 

    1. You could save financially in the long run. Although you might think hiring a lawyer is expensive, not hiring one can be even more expensive! Your lawyer will not only increase your chances of winning your case, but because they understand and are familiar with the court procedures, they can save you from having to pay unnecessary court fines and penalties as well. 
    2. They will protect you from incriminating yourself. Saying too much in court can actually harm you. Your lawyer will coach you on how to speak to the court and respond to questions so during the court procedure your interests are best protected.
    3. You need help settling a spousal support case. Spousal support cases can sometimes get really nasty and depending on how the court rules, the outcome could prove financially devasting for you. Hiring an experienced civil litigation lawyer will help to ensure you receive a fair ruling. 
    4. You’re filing a law suit for discrimination or sexual misconduct. If you’ve been a victim of discrimination or sexual misconduct, it can be very difficult to prove your case – after all, it’s not like the perpetrator is going to have put anything in writing! In cases like these, a civil litigation lawyer can prove invaluable in building your case. 
    5. They understand all of the rules and procedures of the court. Following proper court procedure is crucial in any case and a court judge isn’t about to cut you any slack just because you are unfamiliar with procedure. But an experienced civil litigation lawyer will know all the rules which will help make the trial go much more smoothly. 
    6. You are involved in a personal injury case. Whether you are the defendant or the party that was injured, a civil litigation lawyer can help to build your case. In the case of the injured party, their lawyer will advise them on what information to collect and help them calculate damages such as lost income and pain and suffering. In the case of the defendant, their lawyer will protect them from having to pay more than they can afford – or if they can prove there was no wrongdoing – they can protect them from having to pay at all. 
    7. The other party has a lawyer. If the other party in the dispute has a lawyer, then you cannot afford not to have one. It is better for you to seek legal representation as well, in order to ensure that you are legally protected as well.
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