Why Immigration Law Is Important

Immigrating to a new country means a new life and a fresh start.  It also means you must go through a sometimes lengthy and often stressful process of immigration.

Immigration and Canada seem to go hand in hand. When immigrants come to our country, they create jobs and contribute to our economy. They fill in labour gaps and spend money on housing, transportation and other things. Immigrants pay taxes. It only makes sense that an area of law was put in place to create standards and guidelines for Immigration.

What is Immigration Law?

Immigration law includes rules and regulations governing processes for those people coming into Canada. This type of law makes sure the different parts of Immigration do their jobs properly and as written in the legislation.  Immigration law outlines the requirements of who can enter and stay in our country. It is governed mostly by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

The administration of Immigration law and any decisions are made by the following sections that govern immigration. Each group has their own responsibilities and are held accountable to act in a fair manner.

  • Immigration and Refugee Board
  • Canada Border Services Agency
  • Minister of Citizenship ad Immigration
  • Immigration Officers
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Why Do We Need Immigration Law?

These laws help those who wish to become citizens of our country. With these immigration laws, they will have the same rights as any other citizen. The laws also help manage which people may come into the country, how long they can stay and when they can leave.

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

Immigration lawyers can guide you while you decide what application type is best for you and your family. They can help you because they keep up with all the current developments that impact applications and any change in law and policies. Immigration lawyers have the education, experience and qualifications to help you understand the sometimes confusing and stressful process of immigration.

An immigration lawyer also helps those immigrating to our country by guiding them to get citizenship, get immigration or resident visas, getting asylum or stopping a process of deportation. These lawyers can appear in court to counsel those who need help, doing paperwork dealing with immigration and doing research and data analysis for immigrants.

When Should You Use an Immigration Lawyer?

When you are immigrating, you should always speak to an immigration lawyer. Here are other reasons to have this type of lawyer:

As you can see, immigration law is necessary to ensure everyone has equal rights and changes in our country. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Minhas Lawyers. We are here to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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