What Is Employment Law?

If you are an employer or an employee, Employment Law affects everyone. Minhas Lawyers know the importance of involving this law to help your business.

What Is Employment Law?

Employment Law works to protect employees’ and employers’ rights, safety, and health. Employment Law was also developed to provide businesses and organizations with the ability to have consistency, clarity, fairness, and transparency. Simply put, Employment law covers all aspects of the relationship between employers and employees.

What does Employment law do?

Employment law makes sure your employees are treated fairly, such as being paid minimum wage and not experiencing discrimination. It also makes sure employees follow set standards as well. There are some costs involved in order to follow the rules of the Employment Law, as the business is required to spend money on recruiting, pay, and training such as the Health and Safety Act.

Employment law makes sure contracts are followed, and everyone does their duties as best they can. There shouldn’t be a breach of contract. Under Employment law, employees are given the right to sick, maternity, paternity, parental or compassionate leave, as well as holiday pay.

Employment law protects the business as well by encouraging proper contracts to protect the business as well. Contracts should be tailored to each specific business, requiring clauses to clarify policies and procedures.


If a business doesn’t comply with Employment laws, it may face penalties and may have to pay compensation. The business may also experience poor publicity, resulting in loss of staff and business.
Businesses and organizations can be brought up in front of the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

Why Would You Need an Employment Lawyer?

If there is a workplace issue, an Employment Lawyer should be contacted. They are experienced and trained in employment issues and will be able to come up with suitable solutions. Below are different situations:


  • Workplace issue: Lawyer can help with conflict and offer solutions
  • Harassment/Discrimination: An Employment Lawyer will guide you through the process of dealing with Harassment and Discrimination and will offer appropriate solutions.
  • Termination: When you lose your job, the Lawyer can make sure you were treated correctly and receive what you are owed.
  • Fast retirement: Lawyers can help long-term employees an alternative way to make a graceful exit instead of a fast one.


  • Contracts: Lawyers can make sure the contract is legal and the language is appropriate. The lawyer can make sure the important things are stated, like what the employee is owed if terminated.
  • Policies: Lawyers can make sure policies meet standards and avoid penalties. They can help set standards.
    Terminations/Discipline: Lawyers can help with termination plans to make sure employee gets everything owed, and litigation avoided. A lawyer can also create strategies to help deal with troublesome employees and improve employees.
  • Changes: Lawyers can help when you want to grow or merge your business. Minhas Lawyers can help keep the impact of the change to a minimum.

If you are wondering how employment law can help your business, or have any questions regarding this type of law, contact Minhas Lawyers today.

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